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Introducing Your Child To Fitness

pexels-lukas-296301Go outside and get some exercise! Our parents encouraged this of us often when we were young, and as the next generation grows it’s important to discourage sedentary behaviors. With the start of a new year comes a new opportunity to foster an enthusiasm for fitness and healthy habits. Helping involve your children is a good start.

Whether it involves individualized exercise programs or team activities as they come back into season, it’s never too early to show your child the benefits of sports and fitness. Coaxing them from their digital devices may challenge you, but once the blood starts pumping you may find your young ones eager to play.

Gauge Their Interests

Before you sign them up for any programs or groups, find out what interests them. If they are fond of the video version of a specific sport, introduce them to the real thing. If they enjoy watching professional sports or the Olympics, they may be interested in trying the activities themselves. From there you can research lesson options.

Make It A Family Thing

Children follow by example. One way to motivate them to exercise more is to do it with you. Look for classes in yoga, spinning, or other activities adults and youths can take together. Research your nearest community center for programs suitable for the family. Or, simply take an afternoon and go for a walk together.

Create The Habit

Add regular activities and exercise to your schedule and it becomes a good habit. Consider establishing a “no devices” day where everyone powers down their laptops and pads and uses the time for group or individual play. 

Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance offers programs for youth fitness which incorporate physical fitness with other aspects of optimal health, like nutrition counseling and injury prevention. Our programs help your children set exercise goals and prepare them for group sports at school. Contact us to learn more about enrollment and start the new year with a promise for good physical health.