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Exercises To Stay Heart Healthy

gym_workoutFebruary celebrates National Heart Month. If you see people wearing red, chances are they are helping to raise awareness of heart disease and prevention. It’s important to observe good habits for heart health throughout the year, and as we wait patiently for the weather to warm up, here are a few ways to improve cardio fitness throughout the month.


Walking remains one of the best exercises for staying in shape. Not only can a regular walk routine get your blood pumping, it’s also good for toning your muscles and maintaining good mobility and flexibility. When it’s too cold or icy out for a hike or walk around the block, hit up an area gym or training facility with an indoor track, or visit a nearby mall and walk the length.

Weight Training

Lifting weights is good for burning fat and promoting muscle and bone strength. It’s also a versatile exercise in which you can adjust the weights and reps according to your goals. 


While yoga may seem like a low-impact practice, it does wonders for your heart rate and circulation. The meditative qualities of yoga can also help keep you calm and in turn lower your blood pressure and stress levels.


If you belong to a gym or fitness center with an indoor pool, take advantage of this heart-healthy exercise during the cold winter months. Swimming tones the body and is easy on the joints for people with arthritis and similar conditions.

Do you have a favorite exercise for winter? However you work toward improved heart health, know you can also reach out to Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance for assistance with endurance training, sport nutrition and other programs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.