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Youth Sports Performance

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, our goal is to not only help our athletes succeed on their field of play but lay a solid foundation that will carry them on through their athletic years. Our program is focused on teaching correct movement patterns, flexibility, injury prevention, speed techniques, plyometric training, power development, strength training and energy system development. In addition, our Registered Dietitian will meet individually with each athlete to assess current dietary habits and recommend changes based on sport-specific fueling and recovery needs as well as individual performance goals. Our youth sports sessions are 60 minutes in length and cover a multitude of the aspects mentioned above within a small group setting with coach supervision.

Session Focuses

  • Prehab / Injury Prevention
  • Movement Preparation
  • Plyometric Drills (Jumping, Landing, etc.)
  • Speed Development (Linear Acceleration, Lateral Movement, Absolute Speed, Deceleration)
  • Power Development (Olympic Lifts, Medicine Balls, etc.)
  • Strength Training
  • Energy System Development (Lactate Threshold Work, Lactate Power, Aerobic Capacity Work)

Pricing: $280 per month unlimited or $250 for 10 sessions (sessions to be used within 90 days)

Youth Sports Performance Overview

  • Unlimited Monthly Visits with a Certified Performance Specialist
  • 60 minute small group training sessions
  • One Monthly Appointment with Registered Dietitian (parent/guardian must be present)
  • Personal guidance based on your goals, evaluation of current habits and meal planning

Compare what we offer including monthly one-to-one dietitian appointments and a focus on proper technique and injury prevention and you’ll see no other program is as comprehensive as ours.

Call regarding special partner and group discounts as well as regional pricing variances.
Interested in learning more about our sports training programs? Please contact us at (757) IM-SPORT (757-467-7678) for rates and availability.

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