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Why You Should Play More Than One Sport

threesportsAs athletics becomes increasingly competitive at a younger and younger age, more athletes are choosing to specialize in just one sport. In addition to their school season, they play club or travel leagues, allowing them to play their sport all year long.

But while intense focus on one sport may improve your skills, you may be better off as a three-sport star. There are tons of benefits to playing more than one sport, including:

Lower Risk for Injuries

Overuse injuries are the most common sports injuries. These injuries occur when you perform the same motion, like throwing a pitch, over and over again. The repetitive motion puts strain on the muscles and tendons, causing microtears that can become sprains, strains or even tears.

When you play multiple sports, you change up which motions you make. This can reduce your risk for overuse injuries by giving muscles a break.

More Well-Rounded Conditioning and Skills

When you play one sport, you only work on the skills and muscles related to that sport. So while a baseball player may have strong arms, they may have poor endurance. The strongest athletes are well-rounded and are able to properly develop strength, speed, stamina, and other important traits for successful competition.

Less Pressure, More Fun

One-sport athletes may feel intense pressure to succeed in that sport. After all, if you can’t perform well, there are no other sports or activities where you can find success. Athletes may also feel that they must get scholarships or recruited. Kids may end up burning out and want to quit their sport before they reach higher levels of play.

Athletes also tend to become siloed, only seeing other players of that sport instead of hanging out with a variety of athletes. Athletes may begin to feel lonely or have trouble finding friends outside of their sport.

Sports should be about more than competition. They should be enjoyable and lead to a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. When kids play multiple sports, they can make many friends, learn how to work with different personalities, and relax and have fun. Athletes who truly enjoy their sports may be more likely to stay active their whole lives, leading to healthier adults.

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