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The Latest Technologies to Up Your Game

New technologies using GPS, heart rate trackers, and motion trackers are giving you more insight into your sports performance and abilities than ever. With the help of athletic trainers and other experts, you can take this data and turn it into major gains.

If you want more data on your performance, you can look into technologies such as:

Dartfish Video Technology

Dartfish uses advanced video to allow you to analyze every movement and motion so you can be sure to use the right technique every time. It even allows you to compare your movements to other athletes. In addition to boosting performance, Dartfish can actually help prevent injury by identifying problems that put you at risk of ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, or other problems.

Dartfish can be used with smartphones and other cameras for quality analysis.

VO2 Max Testing

slide1-300x121VO2 Max testing determines your maximal oxygen uptake during exercise. The more oxygen your body can successfully take in and use, the better endurance and aerobic abilities you have. This is especially important for athletes who are constantly on the move, like runners, soccer players or basketball players.

Knowing your VO2 Max can give you an insight into your abilities and help you understand when you’ve improved your endurance with your exercise program.

Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology has come a long way from simple FitBits that log steps. New tech can be worn in uniforms, placed on tennis racquets or be tied into shoes to deliver live information on performance. You can learn about force, speed and acceleration. You can monitor heart rates and oxygen levels. You can even determine if a tennis ball is hitting your racquet at the ideal spot.

If you are more of a hobby athlete who is interested in boosting your performance, FitBits still provide more information than ever on your heart rate and fat burn, distance traveled with GPS and pace of your runs or jogs. They can help you set goals and keep them so you are always on top of your fitness.

While sports performance technology can give you important data about your abilities, you’ll need help from an athletic trainer to turn that data into a plan for better performance. Athletic trainers at Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance help athletes from all sports use data to improve technique, avoid injury and build skills. Contact us today for personalized athletic training plans and programs.