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Sports Performance in Hampton Roads
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Basketball Performance Training

Basketball is a physically demanding sport and requires more than practicing your game skills to prepare for the season. Whether you play competitively or recreationally, basketball athletes need a combination of speed, quickness, strength, power and body Basketballcontrol in order to be successful. Not only do you have to exert high levels of energy, but your body needs to be able to recover quickly to repeat these taxing efforts.

Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance’s team of performance specialists can develop a basketball program that’s right for you, your position and your game. We will evaluate to find your baseline and determine a needs analysis to allow for maximum performance on the court. Our basketball performance program is offered at our locations in Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Chesapeake.

Our Basketball Performance Program

Performance Evaluations include:

  • Flexibility and Strength Assessment (including Vertical Jump Testing)
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Seven Point Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to Identify Neuromuscular Deficiencies
  • Injury Prevention Focusing on Strategies for Preventing the Most Common Basketball Injuries.
  • Nutrition Consultation and Follow-ups
  • Recovery Sports Massage

Performance programs focus on building power, strength, and jump height with:

  • Movement Prep (Dynamic Warm-up)
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • Strength Training and Power Development
  • Vertical Jump Training
  • Pillar/Core Strength Training
  • Lower Extremity Stability

All training programs are developed based on the results of our thorough evaluation and will be tailored dependent on whether you are in preseason, in-season or offseason competition.

If you are interested in individual, team or group training, please contact us at (757) IM-SPORT (757-467-7678) for rates and availability.


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