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Sports Performance

Becoming an elite athlete is more than just working out. It requires proper nutrition, mindset, movement, and recovery. We know this, not just because our Hampton Roads-based In Motion team includes experienced performance specialists, Registered Dietitians and massage and physical therapists, but because we are athletes, too.

It is our commitment to equip each client with the proper tools, training, and education to become the best athlete possible. By using evidence-based programs in our state-of-the-art facilities in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton, we provide athletes with a haven in which they can optimize every aspect of their performance and health. We help clients improve their strength, power, speed, agility, sport-specific conditioning and nutrition in order for them to compete at their absolute best.

We understand the pressure athletes face to perform at the highest level during every practice, game, or competition. Our staff is dedicated to helping clients put into practice every aspect of the detailed preparation that’s required to maximize performance on a daily basis.

Program Highlights

  • Supervised exercise sessions by professional and credentialed performance specialists.
  • Sport-specific program development to maximize performance.
  • Customized performance and meal plans to ensure clients achieve their goals.
  • Recovery strategies to optimize training and reduce the risk of injury.

To learn more about the sports performance programs we offer individuals and teams, youth athletes and adults, please contact us at any of our three locations in Hampton Roads.

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