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Pro/Elite Performance

Enter a competitive training environment that focuses on a comprehensive approach to perfecting your performance on the field or court. Run faster, jump higher, cut harder, and hit with more intensity than ever before. Our Sports Performance Specialists will tailor an unparalleled strength and conditioning program to your individual sport-specific needs, and they will lead you toward your goals by employing scientifically-backed athletic periodization models to ensure you are achieving peak performance exactly when you need to be. In addition, our Registered Dietitian will meet individually with each athlete to assess current dietary habits and recommend changes based on sport specific fueling and recovery needs as well as individual performance goals.

Training Session Overview:

  • Warm-Up / Movement Prep: Muscle activation and elongation to prepare for all sporting endeavors.
  • Field Work: Movement based sports specific drills to help positional movement patterns and fix any deficiencies.
  • Power Based Training: To help increase an athlete’s explosiveness with running and jumping
  • Strength Training
  • Rotational Stability and Power Training
  • Energy System Demand Training
  • Cool Down and Recovery

Ensure you are striving for greatness in and outside of the gym by fueling properly. Work one-on-one with our Registered Dietitian to create a nutrition plan that meets the demands of your performance and your lifestyle.

Price: $500 per month unlimited

Pro/Elite Performance Overview

  • Unlimited 90 Minute Training Sessions each month
  • Monthly Registered Dietitian Visit
  • Post Workout Recovery Shake After Each Workout
  • One Monthly Recovery Massage

Ask about our free trial session.
Interested in learning more about our sports training programs? Please contact us at (757) IM-SPORT (757-467-7678) for rates and availability.

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