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Sports Nutrition

Fitness Weight Loss ProgramNutrition is a key ingredient to optimizing athletic performance. Spending hours in the gym and on the practice field or court are definitely important factors, but without proper fueling strategies, are not enough to help you reach your full athletic potential.  Food selection and quantity, as well as meal timing, affect body composition, athletic performance, and health.  If you are looking to edge out the competition and make your workouts more effective and efficient, schedule your appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians for a sports nutrition consultation today!

The Sport-Specific Nutrition Plan Includes:

  • Dietary assessment and evaluation
  • Macronutrient requirements for specific training days and training cycles
  • Meal planning
  • Hydration, fueling and recovery strategies
  • Body composition assessment and goal setting


  • One monthly appointment with a Registered Dietitian included with all unlimited sports performance packages
  • $96 for evaluation (1 hr)/$48 for follow up (30 min)

Sports Nutrition Locations

Want to learn more about our nutrition analysis programs for Hampton Roads? Please contact us at (757) IM-SPORT (757-467-7678).

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