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How Winter Sport Athletes Can Prepare for Success Now

winter sportsWhether you play basketball or hockey or wrestle or swim, you can prepare now for a great season. To become an elite athlete, you can’t be focused on your sport only during the season; you need to work on improving your strength and speed in the off-season, too.

If your sport is in the offseason, Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance experts suggest you focus on these aspects of your performance:

Strength and Power

During the season is not typically the right time to bulk up. For instance, swimmers who lift too much weight during the season may put their shoulders at risk of tears due to overuse.

Now is the right time to add muscle and power to your game. You should focus on total body strength, not just the areas of muscle you think contribute most to your game. Lifting weights helps your body grow more nerve connections to muscles, which can improve your stability and even your speed.

Strength can also prevent injuries. Stronger ligaments in the ankle and knee can help basketball players avoid injuries when they quickly change directions or when they come down from jumps. By lifting now, you’ll reduce your risk of injuries during the season and see an improvement in your ability to jump, skate, or swim.

Speed and Agility

The pre-season is also a great time to practice drills to get faster. Again, the drills don’t need to be sports-specific or focus only on moves you think are key to your sport. All speed and agility drills can help you move faster in the water, on the ice, or on the hardwoods.

Speed and agility training improves your reflexes. It also trains those quick-fire nerves and muscles, helping them react faster and faster. Performing agility drills now can help you reach the top of your game by the end of the season.

Cardiovascular Health

If you haven’t been as active over the last few months, you’ve likely lost cardiovascular endurance. Jogging or running can help you regain your ability to keep moving for a long period of time.

Cardiovascular endurance keeps you moving faster than your opponents and also helps you stay sharp. When you’re out of breath, it can be hard to concentrate on the game. Your muscles may even begin to ache. Great cardiovascular health can prevent these problems so you are always ready for the next challenge.

A sports performance expert can help you design a pre-season workout plan that will have you ready to compete when your season gets started. Contact Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance today for your own personalized plan.