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How to Enjoy Your Offseason—But Stay in Shape

Your offseason is an important time to give your body a rest. Playing the same sport, year-round, puts you at a high risk for overuse injuries and other problems that can keep you out of the game.

Though the offseason is an important break, it’s also important that you maintain your strength, flexibility, and speed. Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance athletic trainers recommend the following activities to enjoy a restful offseason while still keeping your body in shape.

Start With A Break

In the two to three weeks immediately following the end of your competitive season, take it easy. Chances are, you have a few aches and pains that need time to heal up. While you don’t have to stop exercising entirely, keep any exercise light or moderate at most. For instance, you might take short jogs or walks, bike at a leisurely pace, or enjoy swimming recreationally.

You can also take this time to think about what you want to improve for next season. Do you need to be more agile on the basketball court? Stronger on the football field? While you are resting, be thinking about your goals.

Try Some New Exercises

The offseason is the perfect time to try an exercise or sport you are interested in, but may not want to compete in. Choose a recreational activity that may help you achieve your goals. For instance, if you want to work on strength, try Pilates. If you want to work on endurance, join a running group. Take time to work on different movements and muscles than you typically use for your sport to reduce your risk for overuse injury.

kettle-bell-beside-adidas-pair-of-shoes-209968Hit the Weight Room

Almost every athlete could benefit from a little extra strength. Work on building strength slowly and safely in the weight room during the offseason. You’ll be able to maintain the muscle you have while improving your performance for the next season.

Find a Trainer You Trust

Certified and experienced athletic trainers can design an offseason training program just for you. Find a trainer you trust and enjoy working with to make the most of your offseason and get ready for your next round of competition.

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, our athletic trainers and sports performance specialists work with athletes from all sports and all levels of competition. We can help you enjoy your offseason while staying fit. Contact us today for your personalized offseason workout plan.