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How Baseball Players Can Protect Their Shoulders

pexels-pixabay-33538Around half of all competitive baseball players suffer shoulder pain or a shoulder injury. Whether you are pitching or launching a ball from the outfield, it takes tremendous strength in your shoulder to move the ball fast and far. Throwing hard over and over and over again can wear out the muscles, tendons and ligaments providing the strength.

The expert athletic trainers at Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance can work with you to protect your shoulder from injuries while enhancing your performance. Follow these recommendations to keep your shoulder healthy:

Warm Up

Before you even throw a baseball, your shoulders need to be warmed up. A great warm-up gets your blood pumping to your muscles, which can help prevent pain and injury. We recommend 10-20 minutes of warm-up activities like jogging, jumping jacks, high knees or other cardio exercises.


You should also stretch as part of your warm-up. Be sure to stretch out all the parts of the shoulder since full rotation is required for throwing. Because throwing requires other muscles, too, such as back muscles, you should stretch your full body to get it ready. Once you are stretched out and warmed up, you can move onto throwing practice.

Work on Your Technique

How you throw is vital to protecting your shoulder. Working with a throwing coach or athletic trainer can help you analyze and improve your technique to ensure you are keeping your shoulder safe. They will ensure all your movements are synchronized to ensure power without straining your shoulder.


Your muscles need rest after a workout to heal. When you exercise, you create microtears in your muscles. If they aren’t given the chance to heal, you are at a higher risk for a large tear or other shoulder injuries. Listen to your body to know when you need to rest. If your shoulder feels fatigued, achy or in pain, you should take a break from practice and workouts until your shoulder feels healthy again.

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, our athletic trainers can help you prevent shoulder injuries with strength training, improving your technique and teaching you how to properly stretch and warm up. We work closely with individuals or entire teams to improve throwing and keep you in the game. Contact us today to learn how we can help you throw harder–and more safely.