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Get Faster Feet This Fall

Faster Feet in FallSpeed and agility are key to almost every sport. But getting fast moving feet is especially important for some fall and winter sports like soccer and basketball. These sports demand that you can change direction fast and move quickly.

If you are looking to get faster feet this fall, start with these tips:

Work on Speed and Agility Drills

No matter your sport, speed drills are vital for your conditioning and practice. They help you improve your reflexes and build connections between your brain and feet. The more you practice these drills, the more automatically your feet will move quickly, without thought.

Common speed and agility drills including:

  • Agility ladder drills
  • Hopping matrix drills
  • Jump rope drills
  • Miniature hurdle drills

As you work these drills over, you train the nerves in your feet, ankles and legs to react and move. They don’t require much in the way of equipment, so they are easy for athletes at all levels to work on at home, at practice or in a personal training session.

Sports-Specific Drills

In addition to general speed and agility drills, you should incorporate some drills designed for your specific sport. For soccer, this may include dribbling drills. For basketball, this may be quick sprints. 

While general drills improve your reflexes and nerve connections, sport-specific drills begin to train the specific movement you need to succeed. Correct technique and positioning is vital to these drills, not only to help you move fast but to help you avoid injury. 

When working on building a specific skill, such as foot speed, you may have more success working with a certified athletic trainer. Athletic trainers can design safe and effective drills and training programs specific for your abilities and sports. They can help change your workout as your skills improve and ensure that you continue to get faster feet.

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, our certified trainers work with athletes from all different sports and all different levels. We design personalized plans for each athlete to help you achieve your goals and play your best. Contact us today for a personalized training plan.