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Do You Need a VO2 Max Assessment?

Determined athletic woman listening music while jogging on treadmill in a gym.VO2 Max assessments determine how much oxygen you can transport and use during exercise, also called aerobic capacity. The test takes about 20 minutes and involves performing exercise while wearing a specialized max to measure your oxygen intake and output. You may also wear a heart rate monitor.

A high VO2 max measurement, measured in liters of oxygen per minute, means that you can handle high levels of exercise for longer periods of time. It means you have high cardiac endurance which may benefit you in many sports.

But how does knowing your VO2 Max affect your performance and your training? Do you really need to know your number? Athletic trainers at Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance recommend this assessment if:

You Are an Endurance Athlete

Endurance athletes like runners, cross-country skiers, cyclists and swimmers need to be able to use oxygen very efficiently to succeed in their sports. If you are an endurance athlete and seem to have hit a performance plateau, knowing your VO2 max can help you design a training regimen to boost your endurance and take time off your races.

For instance, you may need to incorporate more or different types of interval training into your workout. You may do hill intervals as a runner or, if you are very fit, different lactate intervals. A certified athletic trainer can help you design a safe and effective workout to improve VO2 max.

You’ve Hit a Wall

Sometimes you get stalled on the way to your fitness goals, whether that’s losing weight, increasing your speed, or burning more fat. Your VO2 max assessment can help you determine what type of exercise is right for your goals.

For instance, you may find that hours on a treadmill aren’t as efficient for weight loss for you as time on an elliptical or in the pool. You may find out that you are raising your heart rate too high to burn fat well and would benefit more from lifting exercises. 

You Love Fitness Data

Do you monitor your calories, your heart rate, and other measurements like a hawk? Your VO2 Max assessment is another great number to help you evaluate your performance and keep an eye on your fitness. It is an objective measurement of your fitness and a way to measure if you are improving or maintaining performance with your current routine.

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, we provide VO2 Max assessments for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their performance. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and receive personalized training recommendations.