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How To Avoid Water Sports Injuries

July 7, 2021

Depending on your sport, summer might be the one time of year you get to take a break from constant games, practices and conditioning. You might be taking advantage of the beach, ocean and bay to participate in some non-competitive water sports that just let you relax and show off all your physical skills. But […]READ MORE

Getting Ready for Sports in a Post-COVID World

June 6, 2021

Thanks to the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, we are starting to move toward a post-COVID world; a world in which we can get together again to play sports and cheer on athletes. While it’s great to imagine that everything will just return to normal, it’s likely that sports will never quite be the same […]READ MORE

How Baseball Players Can Protect Their Shoulders

May 5, 2021

Around half of all competitive baseball players suffer shoulder pain or a shoulder injury. Whether you are pitching or launching a ball from the outfield, it takes tremendous strength in your shoulder to move the ball fast and far. Throwing hard over and over and over again can wear out the muscles, tendons and ligaments […]READ MORE

When to Seek Help for a Sports Injury

April 4, 2021

Some sports injuries obviously need medical attention quickly. After an ACL tear, you might hear a pop and feel significant, severe pain. After a bad hit in football, you might lose consciousness. But other sports injuries are more subtle. Sometimes athletes want to wait to see if their body gets better on its own. But […]READ MORE

Keep Your Gym From Being A COVID Hotspot

March 3, 2021

Recently, the CDC issued research that showed that gyms can be a top hotspot for COVID outbreaks. One gym in Chicago, where people exercised without masks, led to 55 people becoming sick with the virus. Another gym in Hawaii experienced a 21 person outbreak. Even as more people are becoming vaccinated, it is important to […]READ MORE

Benefits of Team-Based Sports Performance Training

February 2, 2021

While athletes can certainly focus on their individual performance and training, reaching personal goals, training as a team can offer additional benefits. Instead of simply improving one athlete’s performance, team training ensures greater success for every player.  Improved Team Communication and Camaraderie Training together helps you play together. As athletes undergo training together, they can […]READ MORE

What Muscles Runners Should Strengthen for Faster Times

January 1, 2021

Runners often focus on technique and cardiovascular health to improve their performance. While these aspects of running are vital to success, you shouldn’t ignore your strength training either. Especially for sprinters, building muscle can help you move faster and farther with each step. Stronger muscles can also help prevent common running injuries, from tendonitis to […]READ MORE

Exercise Safely Indoors During COVID-19

December 12, 2020

While summer and fall athletes had the benefit of being able to exercise outside safely during the pandemic, winter athletes typically spend their time indoors. While games and tournaments may not happen because they are deemed unsafe, that doesn’t mean winter athletes can’t keep training and stay in shape. If you need to move your […]READ MORE

How Thanksgiving Dinner Can Fuel Athletic Performance

November 11, 2020

While plenty of people talk about the bad effects of Thanksgiving dinner (like weight gain), people don’t talk enough about the possible benefits of a great holiday dinner. As an athlete, you can use traditional Thanksgiving foods and leftovers to fuel your performance during the winter season.  Maximize your performance and your nutrition over the […]READ MORE

Get Faster Feet This Fall

October 10, 2020

Speed and agility are key to almost every sport. But getting fast moving feet is especially important for some fall and winter sports like soccer and basketball. These sports demand that you can change direction fast and move quickly. If you are looking to get faster feet this fall, start with these tips: Work on […]READ MORE