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Sports Performance in Hampton Roads
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How to Prevent Injuries in Female Athletes

September 9, 2018

From the tennis world to the Boston Marathon, female athletes are dominating the competition. Unfortunately, they are also leading in another area of sports performance: injuries. Female athletes are two to six more times as likely as their male counterparts to experience an injury. These injuries are more common for a variety of reasons, including: […]READ MORE

3 Common Football Injuries—And How to Avoid Them This Season

August 8, 2018

Football is a rough and tough game, leaving players susceptible to injuries. Make sure you and/or your student athletes stay in the game this season by avoiding these three common injuries. Concussions Concussions are one of the most common and most talked about football injuries. Over time, multiple concussions can cause lasting damage to the […]READ MORE

Get Back on Course with Golf Rehabilitation

August 8, 2018

Golf is a relaxing sport, but it puts big demands on your back. An injury or back condition can do more than throw off your swing; the pain can keep you off the golf course altogether. Specially designed golf rehabilitation programs can help you overcome injuries to your back, hips, shoulders or other areas involved […]READ MORE

The Surprising Dangers of Overhydration

July 7, 2018

It’s easy to drink bottle after bottle of water in the summer heat, especially if you are exercising. Drinking water is a great way to fight dehydration, which can put you at risk for seizures and a life-threatening heat stroke. But drinking too much water can be dangerous, too. Overhydration, while rare, can occur if […]READ MORE

Protect Your Skin During Summer Exercise

June 6, 2018

Summer is a great time to get outside and exercise. Whether you go out for a jog or a swim, a game of basketball or a round of golf, you need to protect your skin from sunlight. UV rays in the summer sun can do serious damage to your skin. What starts as a tan […]READ MORE

Five Tips for Safe Cycling in the City

May 5, 2018

People who live in Hampton Roads are fortunate to live within safe biking distance to work, school and stores. Unfortunately, many families don’t take advantage of these opportunities to get exercise due to safety concerns. May 9 is National Walk or Bike to School Day. May is also Norfolk Bike Month, full of events to […]READ MORE

Why Police and Firefighters Should Receive Performance Training

March 3, 2018

Whether you are a police officer, firefighter or member of the military, your job can require a lot from you physically. Just like an athlete, you can benefit from performance training that focuses on improving your strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Improved Job Performance No matter how long you’ve been on the job, improved physical […]READ MORE

National Nutrition Month – “Go Further with Food”

March 3, 2018

By Abby Forman MS RD As we “March” into National Nutrition Month 2018, take a moment to think about what you leave behind each day.  National Nutrition Month is an education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), aimed at inspiring the country to improve their health one bite at […]READ MORE

How to Train As an Athlete in Your 30s

February 2, 2018

As athletes age, their needs for activity and nutrition change. While teenagers or college athletes can spend hours each day in the gym, older athletes rarely have as much time to build strength, improve speed and stay in shape. With a few key changes, you can keep your body in shape and continue working toward […]READ MORE

Eat Healthy This Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2018

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, what were you thinking about doing for your significant other? If you’re looking to be healthy, more personal, and to spend some quality alone time with one another, then opt for making a romantic home cooked meal instead of going out to eat. Home cooked meals […]READ MORE