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Benefits of Team-Based Sports Performance Training

team sports trainingWhile athletes can certainly focus on their individual performance and training, reaching personal goals, training as a team can offer additional benefits. Instead of simply improving one athlete’s performance, team training ensures greater success for every player. 

Improved Team Communication and Camaraderie

Training together helps you play together. As athletes undergo training together, they can help each other overcome obstacles and celebrate successes together. Before the season even starts, they can learn to lean on each other.

They also learn how to communicate with each other. The more time a team spends together, the stronger their relationships and the better they’ll be able to play. 

Motivating and Competitive Environment 

Just because teammates are working together, doesn’t mean they can’t also push each other. Training as a team can provide greater motivation to meet that next goal, whether it is an individual or team goal. Many teammates have an urge to outdo each other, even if in the end they want everyone to succeed. Team training gives them a safe environment to take on these competitive attitudes without pushing to the point of injury. 

Improved Speed, Strength and Power

Team training with professional athletic trainers also gives athletes a greater boost in strength, speed and power. Each workout is specially designed for the team’s sport and performance needs, whether it is jumping and landing safely in basketball or building strength in football. Workouts include both individual and team drills to improve skills needed to win.

A great athletic trainer also knows how to use team dynamics to boost individual performance. They will include exercises that help a team work together and push each other to be better. 

Decreased Potential Injury Rates Among Student Athletes

In addition to improving performance, athletic trainers also focus on improving technique and strength to reduce risk for injuries. Instead of just a few athletes getting this benefit, the entire team will be placed at lower risk of injury. A healthy, strong team is far more likely to have a successful season than a team where some members may not be using the right technique or pushing too hard. Team training helps ensure that all players will stay in the game through the year. 

At Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance, we offer both individual and team training to boost performance and create well-rounded athletes. We can help a team work together to achieve more—both individually and as a group. Contact us today to learn more about team training plans and programs.