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3 Things That Make Your Golf Swing

pexels-markus-spiske-114972August is National Golf Month. Have you been out on the links yet? Virginia is home to a number of lush, challenging courses, and when the weather is right golf enthusiasts are anxious to get in nine or eighteen holes when possible. If you are new to the sport, you may have picked out your clubs and set a tee time. Your next priority should be getting your swing up to par.

Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance specializes in helping athletes of various sports improve their game. The Bon Secours In Motion golf rehabilitation program also helps patients who experience pain during their swing adjust so they can get back on the course. Various aspects of play are covered, with three important factors to note that can improve your swing:


How you stand when you prepare to tee off helps determine your success on the hole you play. Your stance should be balanced when you approach the ball, and not stiff. Your body needs to move smoothly through the swing, so it is important to keep your legs loose enough to allow movement.


As with your stance, it’s best to maintain a loose grip on your club. Holding your club too tightly may result in sliced shots, which in turn affects your score. A relaxed grip, on the other hand, is beneficial for your wrist range as you swing. You may decrease the risk of hand injury.


While you pay attention to how you stand and swing, don’t forget the purpose of the game: keeping your eye on the ball. Your focus on the ball guides you through a proper swing. Once you’ve hit, watch the ball as long as possible to make sure you’ve hit your target.

May August be the month you shave a few strokes off your game! Contact Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance to learn more about our athletic endurance and fitness programs.